About us

Please spare a few moments to allow us to tell you how we might be of assistance to you viz :-

Our commitment to you:

OUR FIRM’S PROMISE IS :- teamTo always provide you with, correct, appropriate & creative legal services and to provide these to you, at reasonable prices. We also aim to always provide our services to you in a creative and efficiently delivered manner – which will enable you to implement the best, cost effective solution for your legal challenges and your associated personal & business objectives.

About the Firm

We were established for more than 25 years and between them the firm’s Partners have more than 50 years collective experience in their respective areas of legal practice.

We are currently located at Liffey House, on Primrose Hill in the scenic and historic town of Celbridge in County Kildare – approximately 15 minutes driving time from the M50 Motorway and some 15 miles or 40 minutes driving time from the centre of Dublin City (for directions to our offices click here)

We are a multi-discipline but specialised legal services practice, with a particular emphasis on providing legal services to :-

  • Individuals who require appropriate, cost effective and professionally delivered creative solutions to legal problems
  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses (“SMEs”) and their owners and managers who require professionally delivered, intelligent, reasonably priced, appropriate solutions delivered in a user friendly manner.

We are keenly aware of the very real “multi-tasking” lifestyle of the owners and managers of SMEs working in today’s hectic business world and the pressures imposed on them by their businesses and of their consequent need for an culture of flexibility and “team spirit”, in the delivery of services to them, by their chosen professional advisors.

Unlike other legal firm’s who differentiate sharply between their client’s business legal affairs and their clients private/personal legal affairs, we see our clients’ legal affairs, whether originating in their personal life or their business life, as being at all times, personal and important to our clients and therefore meriting equal care and attention from us.