Property Services for the Individual

“…Good fences make good neighbours…”           Robert Frost

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Your Home

We understand that the purchase of your home is very important to you and that it represents the realisation of your dream – as a result of hard work and sacrifice. For this reason our firm has designed various property related Services Packages to suit the many types of property transactions our clients may be involved in. We have Property related Legal Services Packages designed for individuals who are engaged in :-


  • The Purchase of their First Home
  • The Purchase of a New Home which is a newly built house/apartment
  • The Purchase of a New Home which is a pre-owned house/apartment
  • The Purchase of a Site intended for a New Home
  • The Construction of a New Home on the owner’s own Site
  • Engaging an Architect/Engineer or other professional services provider for their New Home
  • Seeking/Availing of Mortgage Finance from a Lending Institution in connection with their New Home
  • Renting Property
  • Purchasing an Investment Property
  • Transferring a Property from a single owner’s name into the names of joint owners

User-friendly delivery of services

We also realise that everybody is under pressure in today’s world and with that in mind we have designed our Property related Legal Services Packages for individuals with a view to making them as user-friendly as the complexities of these types of transactions allow. Towards this end we will be happy to work with you to enable you to reduce disruption to your normal routines and schedules to the minimum possible. We will where desired by you, endeavour to carry out the great majority of the required communication with you, via email – thereby reducing to a minimum the number of visits (usually no more than two) you are required to make to our offices during the course of a property related transaction. If you would like to hear more about any of our above listed Property Related Legal Services Packages please contact us.

For more information on property related matters please see our LIBRARY