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Buy Or Sell Properties At Ease

Whether buying, selling or leasing a property, we aim to minimise the stress of it with our proactive approach to all matters legal. Property Assist is designed with you, the client in mind. Our support team is always on hand to keep your transaction moving while preparing you in advance to help you buy or sell a property with less stress and on time.

Our Property Assist Promise

  • Cost Efficient
  • Less Hustle
  • Better Communication
  • 100% Transparency

We have a dedicated property assist team that will ensure that you’ll get the best service & attention from your property legal team. We tailor our service to suit your needs, always available for you when you need it and providing you a high level of communication every step of the way.

What We Have To Offer

  • A Less Stressful & Faster Property Purchase or Sale
  • A Proactive Legal Team to Deal with Common Transaction Issues Before they Arise
  • Dedicated Account Manager as Your Key Contact to Support You Throughout the Process
  • Streamlined & More Efficient Process to Help Reduce Time & Costs
  • Straight-Forward & Clear Legal Fees Structure Related to Complexity of Transaction
  • Transparent Communication plus Educational Resources to Help You Stay Informed

Our Legal Cost

Conveyancing legal fees range from €1,000 to €1,500 + VAT (excludes property transfer expenses), the 4 influencing factors are:
  1. Involvement of Property Management Company.
  2. Family Law Status.
  3. Compliance with Property & Planning Regulations (Title Documents).
  4. The number of Mortgage Providers (if more than 1).

Get a Free Consultation with a Property Account Manager to find out more about your options and how you can minimise the stress from your next property purchase or sale.

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    Home Buyer FAQS:

    What happens next after you’ve paid your deposit?
    • After you’ve paid your deposit the Auctioneer will send sales advice confirming the details of the purchase to your Solicitor and the Vendors solicitor. The Vendors solicitor will draft Contracts (contracts specify the Purchase price, closing date, and matters relating to title such as Planning ownership, taxes, and the property description and forward them to us.
    What are the usual delays?
    • Contracts can be delayed if the Vendor’s Solicitor is getting deeds from a Bank (which normally takes between 10 and 14 days) or if they are missing documents such as Certificates for an extension.
    What happens after I receive a contract?
    • We will advise you about the property and raise queries with the Vendor’s solicitor regarding the property title as well as send you a copy of the letter.
    What are the requirements needed when signing?
    • A driver’s license or utility bill is required as well as the payment of the 10% or 8% deposit.
    What happens after closing?
    • We arrange to stamp the deed and register the property. If you have a mortgage we send your deeds to the Bank. If you do not have a mortgage we will write to you to collect your deeds when they are registered.

    Home Seller FAQS:

    What happens after I set my house available on the market?
    • Make sure to give your solicitor the deeds to make sure they have what they need or if you have a mortgage provider, arrange to get the deed from them.
    What happens after the go sale agreed?
    • After your Auctioneer received the Buyers booking deposit, he will then send us sales advice and we will draft contracts and them to the buyer’s solicitor.
    What is the usual cause of delays?
    • The loan offer is needed by the buyer’s solicitor before proceeding. It usually takes at least two weeks from the deposit is paid. The buyer could be handling other things and this could delay their signing of contracts.
    What happens after closing?
    • Any mortgages against the property will be paid and we transfer the balance monies to you and send any other outstanding documents to the purchaser’s solicitor.
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